Annual General Meeting & GAP Orientation day  Nov 13



Having a high level of global awareness has always been an essential element of a true leader and in order to fulfill our motto, to inspire tomorrow’s leaders today, Campers are given a chance to develop their global vision through various lectures, workshops and presentations in GAP.

Campers will initially take up the role of different stakeholders in Hong Kong, who are divided into different groups, and are responsible for identifying and familiarizing themselves with the underlying problems of Hong Kong. Afterwards countries that share similar problems will be assigned to different group and Campers, who will take up the role of Hong Kong ambassadors, are responsible to investigate and come up with a solution towards the assigned issue. In December, the World Congress, in which Campers will have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills acquired over the course of the Project by presenting their proposals concerning their respective global issues, will be held. Together with the debates and negotiations among different groups, enhanced co-operations as well as global awareness will be resulted.

GAP will be a valuable opportunity for Campers to hone their public speaking skills as well as their analytical skills. Thus, through GAP, Campers are highly encouraged to think in multi-perspectives so as to tackle the assigned problems. They are also required to come up with a full-fledged proposal within a short duration of time, in the process their problem-solving skills will be greatly improved.


Christmas Reunion  Dec 18



Youth Leadership Seminar  Mar - Apr

Be the savior of the planet. In YLS, Campers will be divided into groups of people struggling to survive in a chaotic world shaped by the boundaries of imagination.

Each group will be asked to come up with solutions that will assure their survival in this disorderly world. Numerous workshops to train up Campers’ impromptu speaking skills and creativity will be held in order to equip them with the skills needed to explore this modern day apocalypse. Such skills will be useful during the highlight of the Camper program – a 4-day-3-night camp, where Campers will have to venture beyond the uncharted and cope with challenges so as to achieve the ultimate aim of saving the planet. The YLS Camp is where long-lasting friendships are built, as well as where Campers explore their own definitions of leadership and UYL magic.



Community Ties  Feb - May

Community Ties is a project that focuses on devoting Campers to service work by granting them the opportunity to have direct interactions with local citizens. Campers are encouraged to display their compassion towards the community they live in, and towards those who are less fortunate than they are. Phase I of the Community Ties will be correlated with the issues discussed in the Global Awareness Project. Community Ties provides Campers with a perfect platform to make use of their leadership and collaboration skills while confronting real-life situations and a chance to put their words into actions. This project aims to instill in Campers a sense of duty to serve the community and to help the needy as leaders of tomorrow.


Camper-cum-Committee Project  May - Aug

This is the climax of the year-long program as this Project provides the valuable opportunity for Campers to showcase and make use of what they have learned throughout the year and it is truly a stage for them to shine. Unlike other Projects preceding this one, Campers are solely responsible for CCC and the Committee Board merely provides guidance to the Campers behind the scenes. Campers will have to plan the entire Project for themselves. They will have the chance to run for posts in the Administrative Board, and will be divided into different departments on the organizing committee of the Project. As Campers need to exercise their leadership skills and work together as one committee to come up with a unique project, this is the official beginning of their ventures beyond the uncharted and their turn to inspire after being inspired. This annual Project serves as the perfect conclusion of the Campers’ one-year journey with memories and friendships that will last a lifetime, as well as their rites of passage to become leaders of tomorrow.


Hugh O’ Brian Youth World Leadership Congress   July 18 - 25


Annual Dinner Cum Closing Ceremony   Aug


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